Saturday, April 19, 2014

Does This Leak Make Me Look Fat - Part III: Seeing the Professionals - and the Professionals Seeing Me

Putting the water back where it should be

About a month ago, Skipper gave up on my leak.  He took me to a boat doctor.  I was scared when he left me there alone in a snowstorm, but the nice people at the boat hospital took me in and checked me over.  Then they put me back outside. They didn't even do anything! Skipper came and got me a couple of days later. He didn't say much, just "Come on girl, let's go home."

When I got back to Winter Camp. my friends there said that it wasn't a good sign. They said that boat doctors will always fix you up if there is something wrong with you, and if they don't, it means that you are a goner.  That week there was a pretty bad rain storm, and part of my boat cover blew off. I was full of rainwater and felt bloated and awful.  The next time Skipper came to race, he was asking people if they knew anyone selling newer Sunfish. I didn't feel well from all the bloating, and Skipper was preoccupied and not concentrating, so we spent most of the day in the back of the fleet.

I'm scared.

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