Friday, April 25, 2014

Does This Leak Make Me Look Fat? Part IV - Going Home

Going Home - I hope not for the last time!

Skipper came to see me at Winter Camp. He usually comes to see me on Sundays when we race. But this was on a Friday. He never comes on Fridays. He packed me up onto the trailer and we went home.  He didn't say much again, and seemed to be upset.

The bike was in the van, and said to cheer up. He told me that a few weeks ago he was in rough shape too, not shifting right and wobbly wheels and bad bar tape.  He said that Skipper just took him and spent a whole day fixing him, and now he's as good as new and that maybe Skipper's going to fix me too.  The Van said that Skipper and Mrs Skipper had been talking a lot about me. And about the Harlot. She didn't know much, but said that Mrs Skipper was shouting about boats not being worth it and Skipper was just shaking his head a lot.

Now I'm sitting in the driveway at home, away from my friends, and I'm still scared.

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  1. Mrs Skipper is wrong. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, so much worth doing as messing about in boats. Boats are always worth it. (Except the Harlot of course. I don't like her either.)