Sunday, November 3, 2013

Skipper is a Chicken

Where's the Blue and Yellow Sail? 
All my winter friends and some of my summer friends got to play today. Sunfish 1 showed up from Summer Camp and I wanted to race with her. Instead I got to watch. Skipper explained to me that he volunteered to help out on the committee boat because they were shorthanded.  I find it odd that the race committee needed "help" on a cloudy 40 degree day with 20 mph winds.  Here I am, looking forward to racing with my friends, and he wimps out.  The other Sunfish have all been giving me grief ever since about being a fair weather boat. I try to tell them that I just have a wimpy skipper, but the just laugh at me.

I've been with Skipper about as long Mrs Skipper has, and both of us know him better than he knows himself.  He's going soft. He goes around telling everyone that he's got to get a dry suit, but he's too cheap to buy one, so he wimps out on the cold days.  I don't know what he's got to complain about, because I'm the one that's wet and freezing my rudder off in the water!