Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sweet Revenge!

I can sail with someone else too, Skipper!
I've discovered something. Skipper is a serial philanderer. He sailed five times in the past week, and only sailed with me twice.

Yesterday was the worst. Or so I thought.  Skipper dragged me 40 miles to a charity regatta, then proceeded to rig up a Laser that was hanging around the boathouse. He brought me all the way down here just to humiliate me? Worse yet, for the first time in 30 years, he was going to let someone else sail me! I was horrified. How could Skipper do this to me? What would this other skipper do?  Does he know what Sunfish like? Does he know that it hurts to scrape my daggerboard on the bottom? Does he know how to sail at all?

So Skipper introduces me to this new skipper, then goes off with this drinking buddy of a Laser that is his newest best friend.  ErikSkipper says that he's never sailed a Sunfish before.  Now I'm really scared. We launch.  The wind is light and there are only a few waves.  ErikSkipper takes me through a couple of tacks and a couple of gybes. So far so good.  He's gentle on the tiller and the mainsheet. I decide not to try to throw him off.

 ErikSkipper is really nice to me. He doesn't yell at me like Skipper does when I make a mistake. He doesn't contantly adjust my sails. He's really easy on the tiller and when we tack he doesn't drop hard onto my deck like Skipper does. He's easy with my daggerboard. Sailing with ErikSkipper was awesome!

Then the races start. Skipper and his drinking buddy nail the start and shoot out into the lead. Another Laser is right behind him. ErikSkipper misses the start by a couple of boatlengths, but he's so nice to me that I don't mind. I gave my best on the run to catch up, but those Laser boys are just too fast. Then the Race Committe tell us that they used handicaps to even things out between the Laser boys and us Sunfish.  ErikSkipper and I got two firsts! We beat Skipper and his drinking buddy.

Skipper might have the Harlot, and might go sailing with his new drinking buddy Laser, but he's got to be careful. I've got ErikSkipper to sail with now.

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  1. Baby I'll take you out anytime. If he doesn't realize what he has that's his loss. -ES