Thursday, August 8, 2013

Does This Leak Make Me Look Fat? - Part II

My leak is right at the rub rail about 3 inches back from my bow

After the Sunfish Convention, skipper didn't bring me back to summer camp. He brought me home so that he could hunt down my leak.  He was doing a bubble test (Did you know that bubble tests tickle?) and turned me over to do the second half of the test, and my bow came off the dolly and Skipper lowered my bow onto the grass.  Water ran out of my hull from the leak and Skipper saw it and marked it. Then he checked the area using a bubble test. Nothing. Skipper thinks it's because the leak is behind the rub rail.

It's on the right side of my bow, along the seam where my deck meets my hull.  it also fits my symptoms, where I leak only in heavy weather when I heel a lot.  Skipper says that he dreads the fix because he has to drill out the rub rail rivets and remove a section without bending it. Skipper has a carpenter cousin who tells him that he has 10 thumbs on 2 left hands (Skipper is right handed).

Do they make Novocaine for boats?

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