Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Knew Something was up

The last thing Skipper saw before he got very wet
Skipper is having an affair on me!

First, he brings me down to the frostbite series, races once, then abandons me for six weeks before he shows up for the last race.  I was so mad that I dumped him into the water.  I thought that since he doesn't have a drysuit, he'd be so cold and wet that he'd go back in and take me home.  Not my hardheaded skipper.  He sat out the rest of that one race, then went right back at it. 

Then he packs me up on the trailer and takes me home.  He didn't even bother to put the blankets back on me or put my inspection port covers back in.  He's either mad at me for dumping him or something is up.  He usually doesn't ignore me like this. Now birds have pooped on me and rain got into my hull.  He says he "forgot", but now I know better.

He came home very late the other night.  He had something big hitched to the back of the van, but from the back yard I couldn't see it to well. Then came the morning and I saw this:

The Other Woman
A rival! Now I know why he's ignoring me! That green harlot in the driveway has stolen him from me. He said that he was going to spend some quality time in May with me, patching me up and fixing my leak. But Noooo, he was fawning over her all day yesterday, power washing her and checking out her sails, while I sat alone and dirty in the back yard.

I just hope that she can't write.

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