Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Hundred Feet of Snow

All that stands between me and sailing! (that's me under the blue blanket).

I'm Trapped!

Skipper promised to take me out sailing today.  He was supposed to bring me out of the back yard, up the hill and into the driveway.  I't's about a 100 foot trip.  Then work got busy for him and he had to work three nights in a row and couldn't bring me up.  Then it started snowing.  The weathermen said that it wasn't going to snow too much, so Skipper said he'd pull me up on Saturday after the storm.

Well the weather people were wrong!  We got dumped on.  Skipper says the official measurement was 22.6 inches!  Now I'm looking at 100 feet of two-foot deep snow and a downed tree blocking the way.

This is spring?

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