Monday, December 10, 2012

Anyone Got any Dramamine?

Look at this all day and you'll get dizzy too!

It seems that skipper wants me to get seasick!  We went frostbiting again, and he was so busy trying to win that he forgot to sail.  He fouled a guy in the tight first race, and by the time he did his turns he found his way into last place.  Then he thought the course was twice around and he passed a bunch of boats on the last leg, only to sail past the committee boat on the wrong side and continue on up the leg.  By the time he realized that it was once around he was last again.  Then he ran into two guys who were tied up at the mark (oh, and he hit the mark too).  I have no idea how many turns he did for that one, I was too dizzy to count.  Throw in a couple of general recalls and all I wanted to do was crawl onto my trailer and get under the blanket!

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