Saturday, December 22, 2012

Finally Safe Under the Covers

Finally safe under the covers for the winter.  (The Canoe is more the outdoors type)

That interminable frostbite season is finally over.  Skipper drained all the water out of my hull, gave me a bath and tucked me in safe under the covers. something he should have done two months ago.

On that last day of frostbiting, I did my best to give him a taste of that he's been doing to me for the past six weeks.  I made sure that my mainsheet caught on his lifejacket on every tack.  I wrapped the mainsheet around his foot a bunch of times. I kept popping my bailer plug. It would have been almost worth the wet cold sail to get him into the drink, but he managed to keep dry no matter what I tried.  Finally I settled for going really really slowly on the last race as the temperature plummeted.

I heard skipper talking to another skipper about a different frostbite series that's going on nearby that runs all winter.  Then, thank LaserPerformance, he said "I may be fanatical, but I'm not crazy".

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  1. I've procrastinated trailering my Sunfish up to store for winter in my dad's barn. Now I'm ready to drive it up there and Michigan got dumped on with 6"+ of snow, and I'm not sure I want to trailer it on snow-sloppy roads.