Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get Your Head Out of the Boat, But Not Too Far

While Skipper wasn't looking, I found out that getting T-Boned hurts!
Skipper is insisting on continuing this frostbiting adventure, so it's another day of freezing my rudder off.  (Mrs Skipper and I aren't to happy about it, either).

Five Races, Oh Skipper did well enough in the races, but he kept making boneheaded mistakes that cost us.  He ended up doing pretty well on that race though.  we crossed the starting line dead last after getting crowded out at the committee boat.  We worked our way into 7th place by the last windward mark, but then we got fouled by a guy trying to fetch the mark on port.  We had to luff up to avoid hitting him, then got stuck in irons.  The current pushed us to the wrong side of the mark, so we had to tack twice to round.  When we finally got around we were in last place again.  We was still in last at the last leeward mark, but then skipper made a brilliant tack, going left when everyone else went right, and tacking right on to the starboard layline. He picked off three boats on that last leg to salvage an 8th place finish.  In the next race, because Skipper had his head so far out of the boat that he didn't see the guy coming up on starboard, I found out that getting T-Boned hurts.

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