Wednesday, September 3, 2014

She Thinks it's Hilarious

FS 652 thinks it's cute that Skipper tries to sail her like a Sunfish

Skipper sailed a race today with FS 652. Sunfish weren't allowed in the race, so I got to watch and cheer her on.  Lately Skipper has gotten her a new main, and a new jib, and just today, a nice man gave Skipper a spinnaker to use.  Skipper is starting to figure out how she sails, and what she likes and what she doesn't like.  FS 6532 said that today was the first day that Skipper didn't keep muttering "If there's a wrong way to do something on this boat, I'll find it".

After the race, we were talking, and 652 thinks it's cute that Skipper tries to sail her like a Sunfish.  He doesn't always use a crew. He sits way forward and hikes out. He tries to heel her to windward on downwind legs. He even tries to roll tack her. She thinks it's hilarious.

We also discovered that he makes the same mistakes with both of us.  He's pretty good at sailing upwind, but is really awful downwind. He'll be near the front of the fleet at the first mark, and near the back by the second.  When he sails with me, he blames it on the fact that he is bigger than the average Sunfish sailor, but he has no excuse at all when he sails with 652, because he's the same size as a lot of the Flying Scot skippers, and besides, 652 outweighs him by at least 400 pounds. So we think he's full of it, and just stinks at sailing downwind.

For some reason, she thinks that Skipper is afraid of her spinnaker.  He almost never uses it, and even then only when he's sailing with someone who has used one a lot.  To tell you the truth, spinnakers scare me a little too. When we do multi fleet races, those big ballooning sails come charging down on us little Sunfish, making all sorts of noise. I can understand why Skipper would be afraid.

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