Monday, June 16, 2014

The Harlot is Gone!

Last week I tried to tell the Harlot about Mrs. Skipper's plot to get rid of us. The Harlot didn't want to hear about it.  She said Skipper promised to fix her up and sail her a lot, and if he was going to get rid of anyone it was me. She said I was leaky and waterlogged, and that he only putting stopgap patches on me so he could get rid of me!

I think she was jealous because Skipper had told her that he was going to fix her up, but he fixed me up instead. She said all Skipper has done so far is to give her a couple of new blocks and some line. He didn't fix the soft spot on her deck, and he didn't fair and paint her lumpy bottom, and she said it was all my fault!

I told her that it's not my fault that I got sick and needed emergency surgery. Skipper had to fix me before the racing season started. She said "What about MY racing season? Good luck with your next skipper".

So that was where it stood when I left Summer Camp to go to spend the weekend with my friends from Winter Camp. When I finally got back to Summer Camp, I noticed that the spot where the Harlot dry sails was empty. I didn't think anything of it, because Skipper has a mooring for her, and I thought "Oh she's just out on the mooring". Then when we went out to race, I couldn't find her slimy green hull in the mooring field either.

I asked Skipper about it. He said not to worry, that everything would reveal itself in good time. I got scared. Maybe he was doing what Mrs Skipper said. Get rid of both me and the Harlot and buy a new Sunfish.

Oh no.

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  1. Oh no! I can't wait to read the next episode in this story.